Therapeutic Drumming ImageFrom the UCLA Arts and Healing website:

UCLArts and Healing has developed a training program and curriculum materials for the evidence-based Beat the Odds: Social and Emotional Skill Building Delivered in a Framework of Drumming.  Look for a Beat the Odds training on our programs page or click on the link to the right to register for an upcoming training program.

You can learn more about Beat the Odds by watching demonstrations and hearing testimonials on our videos page, or by scrolling down to find (in order of appearance): 1) publications,  2) media articles,  3) a description of the program and brief summary document for administrators, 4) an excerpt from a documentary film on Beat the Odds, 5) a video clip of the Rock the Rhythm: Beat the Odds project with the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center K-12 Arts Education Outreach, 6) information on training sessions, 7) testimonials, and 8) development team bios.

The publications and written documents can be found altogether in the “download materials” section of this website as well as through the links below.  The manual with CD, and training DVD, can also be purchased from the download materials section.

UCLArts and Healing also offers a matching grant program for the purchase of drums.