Christo Pellani Interview

Christo and I discuss his particular approach to therapeutic drumming for both individuals and groups. He demonstrates how to use a simple rhythm to support deep breathing and mindfulness. We discuss the importance of making therapeutic drumming accessible and Christo talks about some of the meaning and folklore associated with Native American drumming culture.


What […]


The use of drums in substance abuse/recovery programs in recent years has produced strong foundations for helping people discover healthy patterns and behaviors for success. Not only is drumming physical, but it can produce mental and spiritual shifts in thinking and behavior when facilitated by a trained professional who works in collaboration with a […]

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Alessandra Belloni on Therapeutic Drumming

Alessandra Belloni is a world-renown musician, dancer, and singer who helps people overcome trauma by using and teaching traditional Italian drumming music. In this interview, she talks about the drumming traditions and teachings that helped her cope with and recover from an illness. She also talks about how she helps people, primarily woman, who […]

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Leading the Way in Therapeutic Drumming

In this video, I talk about some of the people and programs that are changing the world – one beat at a time.


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We’re Waiting to Meet You!

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A Place for Everyone to Contribute

Therapeutic drumming to me is a sacred space of creativity, exploration and optimism where playfulness meets taking chances and even some space for learning at the same time. A place to bring something new and exciting, and a place for growth and sharing.

Being a drum and music facilitator within the special needs […]

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Therapeutic Drumming for Reducing Levels of Aggression and Depression in Children Deprived of Parental Care

by Martin Ivanov

The Children from Doganovo
We are born with a need for rhythmic input. It affects how our brainwaves function and may play an important role in normal physical, emotional and intellectual development.

— D r. K A Y  R O S C A M , Director of the department of music therapy of Chapman University

It has […]

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Therapeutic Drumming – A Relational Perspective

by Simon Faulkner

Increasingly evidence dictates that the success of therapeutic interventions with people across the clinical spectrum, relies more on the therapeutic relationship than the model of intervention itself. Meta-analyses of clinical interventions across the world show little difference in outcomes between therapeutic approach, but rather rely instead on the capacity of the therapist themselves […]

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Beginnings & New Beginnings

by Jeff Stewart

Personally, drumming is my bliss and passion of life. As a child my self-esteem was very low, partially caused by my struggles in school due to dyslexia, a learning disorder that affects the way information is interpreted in the brain. It was when I was eleven years old, when I joined the […]

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Finding our Rhythm – Discovering Connection

The Magic of Therapeutic Drumming
by Ben Schwarcz

The word “Rhythm” originated in the ancient Sanskrit language of India from the word Hridayam, which means Heart. The heartbeat is the original rhythm that is imprinted in our soul. From our earliest perceptions of sound and vibration we had our mother’s constant heartbeat with us… and the […]

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