Drumming Away Issues

by John Scalici

Drums and drumming have been used for thousands of years as a form of self expression with a group context.  The drum is accessible by every person regardless of age or ability.  This fact is what makes “therapeutic” drumming so effective.  With a trained facilitator, drums can be used as a successful […]

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From Drumming to Healing

by Zorina Wolf

Drumming involves pulsation, synchronization or entrainment, complexity and simplicity,   and resonance.  This is especially true if people are actually playing together! Learning rhythms for an  ethnic tradition is secondary to the basics of keeping a rhythm, any rhythm, going. Any and all of this could be deemed therapeutic!
Beginning the Journey
When I first began […]

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What is Therapeutic Drumming?

We all know that active music making offers many benefits to people of all ages and abilities. From the physical activity of holding and playing the instruments, to the cognitive challenges of learning and playing specific rhythms, to the social connections we make with others, drumming is a satisfying experience we can all enjoy.

Drumming […]

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