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Drum It Up

You can drum just about any time and anywhere.

You can drum on a drum – and on just about anything else.

You can drum with your hands, with your feet, and with your mouth.

You can drum alone, with friends, and with strangers (new friends).

You can drum when you’re happy, sad, angry, or feeling like you […]

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Health and Drumming Study

In a recent study by the Royal College of Music in London, England, researches found measurable improvements in levels of anxiety, depression, social resilience and inflammatory immune response. Study participants were clients receiving mental health services and engaged in 90-minute group drumming classes with an experienced drummer over a ten-week period. While the results […]

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2016 Therapeutic Drumming Course

Join us for the 2016 Therapeutic Drumming Course!

We come together, teachers and students learning side-by-side, sharing rhythms, instruments, ideas, and spirit.

This experience is about a lot more than how to drum, what to play, or how to facilitate, it gets at the core of what makes music therapeutic. It’s about more than drumming alone […]

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Videos from Past Courses

Course Videos Page (For Course Participants)


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Flow State Music Making

For all that it asks from us; from pleading with our parents to buy that first instrument, to the discipline of weekly lessons, to giving up free time to practice for hours at a time when our friends were all outside playing, to being a ‘band geek,’ to performance anxiety and fear of judgment, […]

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Back at Home (Therapeutic Drumming Chronicles)

The tears appear when the brain thinks and sweats too much…so the sweat
goes through eyes as tears.

– 11 years old child
“Hello Martin, I was a participant in Insight 4 Seminars. Before your rhythm session, something unleashed in me and I cried three days in a row. At your session also cried to a certain point, but after […]

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The Importance of Quality and Recorded Music

Quality is something we can all appreciate. It doesn’t matter what you’re into, quality matters. In music, quality starts with your tools, the sounds you create, and the rhythms, melodies, and other aspects of music follow. Quality is not about being fancy or complex. At its core, it’s about being simple and reliable. This […]

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“I am Becoming” Chant for Individual or Group Practice

Here is an offering for an empowering chant from Mary Ann Martinez that can be used for a personal practice or in a group setting. The purpose of this chant is to embody, empower, invoke, and declare positive statements and affirmations in a creative and intuitive way. This chant can be practiced with or […]

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John Scalici Interview

I’ve known John for many years and it’s been wonderful to watch his career take shape over that time. One of the things that makes John’s work unique, is his openness to integrating strategies and techniques from many different disciplines and approaches. John provides Therapeutic Drumming experiences to at-risk teens, children with Autism, and […]

When Sound Hurts

Can Group Drumming Cause Harm?

Most of us prefer to focus on the many benefits of drumming, things like improvements in coordination, timing, listening, attention, focus, achievement, socializing, creativity, expression, artistry, and many more. Most of the time, we’re either drumming alone or in small ensembles of a few people.

With the rise of large-format drumming, […]

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