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Therapeutic Drumming Course Update

We’re pleased to welcome these amazing drummers and teachers to the 2016 Therapeutic Drumming Course.

Weaving Rhythm and Voice with Miranda Rondeau
Beat Out Stress with Abbie Ehorn
Course Curator and Host: Kalani Das

Participants learn how to create various types of therapeutic drumming experiences for individuals and groups.
Participants will:

identify approaches for individual, partner, and group interventions.
lead musical experiences […]

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The Therapeutic Drumming Course

2016 Dates: July 31 to August 5th (Sunday evening to Friday morning)
This course is hosted by Kalani Das, percussionist, educator, and music therapist. with more than 35 years of professional experience, Kalani makes it fun and easy to learn about the many forms and applications of Therapeutic Drumming. Participants will be treated to presentations […]

9 Ways Drumming Can Be Therapeutic

I was telling a friend of mine about my work with the Therapeutic Drumming Network and he asked me, “So, What is therapeutic about drumming?”

It’s a fair question.

Why should drumming be thought of as ‘therapeutic,’ as opposed to just ‘interesting’ or ‘fun?’

Let’s look at 9 ways that I know of.

PHYSICAL EXERCISE: The physical act […]

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Rhythm and Autism

by Martin Ivanov
They have a sensitivity to sound and poor social interaction skills.I feel the most important thing in working with autistic kids is to meet them where they are. In their world, they are totally alone.

— Barry Bernstein
Over recent years I have presented the use of therapeutic drumming for autism in many towns in […]

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Christo Pellani Interview

Christo and I discuss his particular approach to therapeutic drumming for both individuals and groups. He demonstrates how to use a simple rhythm to support deep breathing and mindfulness. We discuss the importance of making therapeutic drumming accessible and Christo talks about some of the meaning and folklore associated with Native American drumming culture.


What […]

RHYTHM IS THE CURE drumming & dance workshop

Sunday MArch 8 at the Center for Symboilic Studies from 3 to 6 pm Rosendale New York –  focusing on the healing power of the traditonal rhythms for the Black Madonna and the tarantella trance dance from Southern Italy – email celebrating

Women International day

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Alessandra Belloni on Therapeutic Drumming

Alessandra Belloni is a world-renown musician, dancer, and singer who helps people overcome trauma by using and teaching traditional Italian drumming music. In this interview, she talks about the drumming traditions and teachings that helped her cope with and recover from an illness. She also talks about how she helps people, primarily woman, who […]

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Leading the Way in Therapeutic Drumming

In this video, I talk about some of the people and programs that are changing the world – one beat at a time.


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We’re Waiting to Meet You!

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Rhythm is The Cure

15th annual Healing Dance and Percussion Workshop from Southern Italy, RHYTHM IS THE CURE, AUGUST 17 to 24, 2015, in a splendid Renaissance Villa in the magical hills of Tuscany, Italy

Rhythm is the Cure is a 7-day intensive healing workshop featuring Southern Italian ritual dances used as music and dance therapy for centuries throughout […]

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