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Rhythm Alchemy: In Search Of The Philosopher’s Stone

by Martin Ivanov

Drumming to transform negative emotional vibrations and create positive resonance with your surrounding reality
“Rhythm Alchemy” is full of insights from ancient times and from our deepest self. The book synthesizes the ancient knowledge of numbers, the heartbeat, the rhythm of breathing and our personal situation within the bigger, universal vibrations, as well […]

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A Place for Everyone to Contribute

Therapeutic drumming to me is a sacred space of creativity, exploration and optimism where playfulness meets taking chances and even some space for learning at the same time. A place to bring something new and exciting, and a place for growth and sharing.

Being a drum and music facilitator within the special needs […]

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Drumming with Children with Autism

This video shows highlight from the Therapeutic drumming sessions at Glenwood Behavioral Health Center in Birmingham, Al. Sessions begin with the passing of an ocean drum, which encourages eye contact, sharing, and group participation. Several other rhythm based activities are introduced which include drumming, clapping, and movement to a steady pulse, as well as […]

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TaKeTiNa – Studies The Power of Rhythm

In this short video, TaKeTiNa founder Reinhard Flatischler, is shown leading therapeutic drumming and rhythm sessions for participants, some of whom participated in a clinical study.

The TaKeTiNa website features this statement about these studies:
The Association for Music in Medicine is a scientific association whose goal is researching the connections between music, rhythm and medical therapy as well […]

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Jim Donovan and Therapeutic Drumming

Streamed live on Sep 29, 2014

For 15 years, Jim Donovan was a drummer for the Platinum selling rock band Rusted Root. Now a father and professor of Fine Arts at St Francis University, Jim is a frequent leader and facilitator of group drumming events. He has worked with autistic children and people with addictions […]

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Therapeutc Rhythm and Mindfulness.

This video was created to offer an experience of Therapeutic Rhythm and Mindfulness (TRM™).

TRM™ is an innovative program informed by evidence-based approaches such as group drumming, mindfulness, and emotion-focused awareness. TRM™ was developed as a modality to enhance positive health and wellbeing and reduce negative mood disturbance. Therapeutic Rhythm & Mindfulness was also created […]

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Welcome to the Therapeutic Drumming Network!

Kalani Das, MT-BC, introduction to the Therapeutic Drumming Network.

Was is therapeutic drumming? What are the types of benefits? Who practices therapeutic drumming and why? Kalani Das. MT-BC and host of the Therapeutic Drumming Network talks about this and more in this introductory video.

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Therapeutic Drumming for Reducing Levels of Aggression and Depression in Children Deprived of Parental Care

by Martin Ivanov

The Children from Doganovo
We are born with a need for rhythmic input. It affects how our brainwaves function and may play an important role in normal physical, emotional and intellectual development.

— D r. K A Y  R O S C A M , Director of the department of music therapy of Chapman University

It has […]

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Therapeutic Drumming – A Relational Perspective

by Simon Faulkner

Increasingly evidence dictates that the success of therapeutic interventions with people across the clinical spectrum, relies more on the therapeutic relationship than the model of intervention itself. Meta-analyses of clinical interventions across the world show little difference in outcomes between therapeutic approach, but rather rely instead on the capacity of the therapist themselves […]

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Beginnings & New Beginnings

by Jeff Stewart

Personally, drumming is my bliss and passion of life. As a child my self-esteem was very low, partially caused by my struggles in school due to dyslexia, a learning disorder that affects the way information is interpreted in the brain. It was when I was eleven years old, when I joined the […]

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