2016 Therapeutic Drumming Course

Join us for the 2016 Therapeutic Drumming Course!

We come together, teachers and students learning side-by-side, sharing rhythms, instruments, ideas, and spirit.

This experience is about a lot more than how to drum, what to play, or how to facilitate, it gets at the core of what makes music therapeutic. It’s about more than drumming alone […]

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The Therapeutic Drumming Course

2016 Dates: July 31 to August 5th (Sunday evening to Friday morning)
This course is hosted by Kalani Das, percussionist, educator, and music therapist. with more than 35 years of professional experience, Kalani makes it fun and easy to learn about the many forms and applications of Therapeutic Drumming. Participants will be treated to presentations […]

Alessandra Belloni on Therapeutic Drumming

Alessandra Belloni is a world-renown musician, dancer, and singer who helps people overcome trauma by using and teaching traditional Italian drumming music. In this interview, she talks about the drumming traditions and teachings that helped her cope with and recover from an illness. She also talks about how she helps people, primarily woman, who […]

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Rhythm Teacher Trainings
To further the potential of TaKeTiNa to revolutionize music education and personal evolution for future generations, Reinhard Flatischler is constantly training new TaKeTiNa rhythm teachers around the globe.

The basic TaKeTiNa rhythm teacher training is an intense, three-year-long journey during which participants gather and learn to integrate musical, educational, and therapeutic skills and knowledge. Certified TaKeTiNa teachers […]

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Beat the Odds

From the UCLA Arts and Healing website:

UCLArts and Healing has developed a training program and curriculum materials for the evidence-based Beat the Odds: Social and Emotional Skill Building Delivered in a Framework of Drumming.  Look for a Beat the Odds training on our programs page or click on the link to the right to register for an upcoming […]

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HEALTH Rhythms

A program for the general public that focuses on learning a procedure (AKA “Health Rhythms Protocol”) for facilitating a group process using drums and percussion instruments. The “protocol” consists of a series of steps, each with a specific process and goal. The program may be modified to accommodate specific groups types, such as seniors […]

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