Therapeutic DrummingRhythm Teacher Trainings

To further the potential of TaKeTiNa to revolutionize music education and personal evolution for future generations, Reinhard Flatischler is constantly training new TaKeTiNa rhythm teachers around the globe.

The basic TaKeTiNa rhythm teacher training is an intense, three-year-long journey during which participants gather and learn to integrate musical, educational, and therapeutic skills and knowledge. Certified TaKeTiNa teachers can use those skills both as TaKeTiNa teachers and in their work in related fields. Basic teachers may further develop their skills in advanced, senior, and master level trainings.

The TaKeTiNa percussion and instrument trainings and the basic TaKeTiNa rhythm teacher training are conducted bi-lingually in German and English. More advanced levels of TaKeTiNa rhythm teacher trainings are held in either German or English.